March 14, 2018 @ 7:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Port Byron Village Hall
120 S Main St
Port Byron, IL 61275

Planning and Zoning Commission
Village of Port Byron
The Planning and Zoning Commission for the
Village of Port Byron will hold a meeting on
Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 7:00 pm
at the Village Hall, 120 S. Main Street.
This is an open meeting, and the public is invited to attend.

Call to Order, Chairman Gerry Meade
Roll Call/Establishment of quorum/Pledge of Allegiance
Scott Angelici     Wayne Oney    Bob Lagerblade
Wes Wells        Bob Wilson         Patty Lindley
Building Inspector’s Report – Doug Streeter
Mayor’s Comments
Chairman’s Discussion
Chairman’s Discussion:
—–Zoning Board of Appeals in October
—–Rev Rubino’s request (Congregational Church)
Gallery Comments
Old Business
—–ITEP Downtown Streetscape update
—–Economic Development Comm. report – Wes Wells
—–IRDC update – Wayne Oney
New Business
—–Approve minutes from 6/18/18 Combined IRDC/P&Z mtg., 071118 mtg., and 080818 mtg.
Further Gallery Comments




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