June 19, 2017 @ 4:30 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Port Byron Village Hall
120 S Main St
Port Byron, IL 61275

IRDC Committee Meeting
Infrastructure Rehabilitation Development Committee (IRDC)
August 21, 2017 at 4:30 PM
Village of Port Byron
Village Hall, 120 S. Main Street
This is an open meeting, and the public is invited to attend.


Call to Order
Roll Call/Establishment of quorum
Review & Approve Minutes of 08/7/17 – Appoint Recorder for Meeting Minutes
Mayor’s Comments
Public Works Comments (Eric & Don)
Project Updates (MSA)
         A.  9th St. Ct. N. Rehabilitation
              1.  Review and Discuss Bids Received
              2.  Determine which Alternates and Bid to Recommend Awarding Contract
        B. Hwy. 84 Sidewalk & Water Main– (TAP & ITEP Grants)
        C. Downtown Streetscape & Riverfront Enhancements Plan
Old Business:
        A. James Street Sewer / Shew Development
               1. Budget
               2. Potential Developer Agreement Terms
        B. Water Hookup Letters
               1. Determine Hookup Date
               2. Discuss Terms of Required Hookups
        C. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)/ Project Financial Planning
               1. MSA Proposal
                2. Water & Sewer Rates
New Business:
         A. ITEP Grant Application
                1. Potential Project Discussions
                2. MSA Proposal for Writing Grant Application
Gallery Comments
Next Meeting: TBD (September 5th or 18th at 4:30?)
















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